Search Engine Optimization 

Search Engine Optimization analysis of your website is a crucial step before undertaking the steps of SEO and positioning your site on search engines.

SEO is to alert Google of the presence of your site and its content, to speed up the process of indexing your site and manage the referencing of your site on a daily basis. We offer a wide range of services aimed at these objectives and guarantee the indexing of your site within 48 hours.

Ergonomics: Optimization of ergonomics and menus

Codes: Optimization of source codes and tags

Socials: Optimization for social networks

Performance: Improvement of natural referencing

Improving your popularity and your authority on search engines

Links of return: Diversity and quality of links
Social signals: Powerful SEO Signals
Guarantee: A guarantee of result
Performances: Calculated results and some

Increasing the targeted local clientele, working on the local SEO of your site

Indexing your content in real time, analyzing and monitoring your statistics

Boost the popularity and increase of qualified traffic with content

Referencing your e-commerce site to increase your online sales

  • Desc.product Construct a unique product description
  • Single Title Use Unique Titles
  • Unique URL Use a unique URL for your site
  • Reviews Embed User Reviews
  • Social Media Visits
  • Websites Visits

Site referencing includes creating a map of your site, detecting 404 errors and their permanent redirect (301), creating a custom 404 page, creating a Google Search Console account, creating a a Google Analytics account, managing the status of your indexing, monitoring the indexing of your site as well as site statistics in real time.