Graphic Design

The visual identity of a company is in fact its graphic identity card! It brings together several essential elements that will make it possible to recognize the company from the first glance. And not to blend in, you have to stand out smart against your competitors. The development of the visual identity of your company is therefore an essential step in your communication strategy.
Our team of web will work on designing the elements of your visual identity through a very elaborate graphic charter.


A logo is the image of your company. You will need all the possible formats to be able to use it on various supports
• Logo web format
• Logo format paper prints (offset and digital)
• Monochrome logo (black and white)
• Vector source format (.ai, .pdf)
• Different file formats: png, tiff, jpg, …
• on a transparent background, white, black, negative


Graphic charter and corporate strategies
A graphic charter is the set of elements defining the visual identity of a company. The graphic chart lists the standards relating to:

  • The logotype and its variations
  • typographic characters,
  • color codes,
  • Different decorations (premises, vehicles),
  • advertisements.

The graphic charter served the communication strategy of a company
The graphic identity defined in a graphic chart makes it possible to recognize at a glance:

  • A project
  •  A brand
  •  An organization
  • A company.

The graphic charter is used to easily identify the advertiser of a message in his different companions:

  • Editorial Productions
  • Packaging
  •  Logos
  • Website

Exceeding the Function of the Cups “Drinking” The Cups in Carton have become the most efficient, profitable and widespread way to advertise, marketing Companies, Products and Services.

Majan business solutions Allows you to have your Own Logo Print on hot / cold drink cups presented to your customers, visitors, for your meetings, conferences, seminars …… ..

For any Family event Celebrations, Birthdays, Marriage, Birth …… ..

Make your goblets with our Name, Photo, Dedication ……

  • Printing on 100% of the diameter.
  • Flexographic printing with inks compliant with food standards
  • Fees depend on the design and number of color to use.

Graphic Design Portfolio

We will realize your graphic charter according to the image that you wish to give of your company. The values you advocate must be easily identifiable through:

  • A streamlined and attractive logo to be easily remembered Colors that represent your industry.
  • We use a color chart that allows you to choose the right colors to enhance your brand image (hot / cold / intermediate)
  • A typography adaptable to each communication medium web or print.

A strong visual identity to communicate effectively

Majan Holding is a digital communication agency in Oman. We put at your service a team of experts in digital technology and print. We use the latest developments tools to ensure quality work.